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Pick Up Where You Left Off

About Chapter Next   ___

We understand that taking a career break to care for family can be a rewarding but challenging experience. That's why we're proud to offer Chapter Next, a program designed to support experienced professionals as they re-enter the workforce after taking a career break of one or more years.

Chapter Next provides a unique opportunity for individuals to re-engage with their careers and gain the fundamental resources needed to be effective in their next career chapter. The program is tailored to meet the individual needs of each participant, and includes a combination of training, mentoring, and networking opportunities.

Our goal is to help experienced professionals gain the confidence and skills they need to take the next step in their careers, and potentially prepare them for a full-time position with us. We value the diverse perspectives and experiences that our employees bring to our workforce, and we're committed to supporting you as you launch your next career chapter.

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Program Details   ___

Program Details



Experienced professionals who are taking a career break of one or more years and have a desire to re-engage their career.


Program Duration

Chapter Next is a 12-16-week paid program that will quickly immerse participants back into the workplace and contribute to the business goals. 



Individuals participate in training, professional development and a mentor program to famaliarize themselves with the business and its needs. 

Meet Program Participants   ___

Samantha 0.

Samantha, a senior systems engineer on our team who started with Lockheed Martin in 2003, stepped away for medical reasons, but resumed her engineering career at the company through our Chapter Next program. She was a recent guest on the popular “3, 2, 1 iRelaunch Podcast” which features strategies, advice, and success stories about returning to work after a career break. 


Samantha Orlando
Marni Chapter Next
A year ago, I had never heard of a returnship. When I interviewed for Chapter Next, it was my first time interviewing in 27 years. The application process was very straightforward.


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Employee Benefits   ___


We offer...

  • Flexible schedules
  • Generous paid time off 
  • Competitive pay
  • 401(k) plan features generous matching and company contributions
  • Health benefits coverage
  • Wellness programs
  • Life and income protection
  • Company investment in professional development
  • Tuition reimbursement


We're known for...

  • Cutting-edge patented technology
  • Top provider of solutions to the Intelligence Community
  • State-of-the-art Innovation Center
  • Fortune 500 company for nearly 30 years
  • Legacy organization with eye on growth
  • Strong community involvement and partnership
  • Dedication to mission success
In addition to the comprehensive benefits program summarized above, employees can receive an annual bonus based on company and individual performance as well as rewards through our recognition program with money and points redeemable for merchandise, gift cards and more.