Cyber Training Making its Mark in a New Southern Market

October 19, 2023

Cyber Training Making its Mark in a New Southern Market

Many people know Charleston, South Carolina for its rich architecture, southern charm, and beachy atmosphere. But Charleston is also rich with military history, and it’s continuing this by training soldiers for the next domain of deterrence – cyberspace.

Charleston is home to one of five National Cyber Range Complex Event Planning, Operations and Support (EPOS) sites, where thousands of the U.S. military’s cyber professionals are trained each year.

We were recently selected by the U.S. Army Contracting Command to bring our extensive experience in cyber defense range and readiness testing and training to the EPOS site at Joint Base Charleston.

As part of this contract, our teams will provide realistic training and certification events for the Department of Defense (DoD) Cyber Mission Force to help ensure soldiers are ready for a broad range of cyber scenarios.

“Lockheed Martin has a strong history supporting the cyber and intelligence community with advanced technology and training support,” said Yajayra Lorshbaugh, Cyber Operations Portfolio Manager of Lockheed Martin Cyber & Intelligence.

“The NCRC EPOS Charleston facility is the result of a concept that began over 11 years ago, and our team partnered with the government to bring that concept to life. Our goal is to enable an effective and ready Cyber Mission Force and DoD systems that operate resiliently in a cyber contested environment,” said Lorshbaugh.

This NCRC site will be multifaceted. It will serve as the principal support site for Naval Special Operations to include surface, undersea, and ground/expeditionary platforms of autonomous and manned systems. On the other hand, the site will also serve federal agencies, industry, academia, and international partners.


The Importance of Cyber Training

Cyber training remains a DoD priority as ever-evolving cyber threats are increasing and expertise is needed to evaluate major DoD acquisition programs. Recognizing the importance of cyber training, we are continuously finding new processes the DoD can use to test the cybersecurity of their technology. With over a decade of experience and an extensive cyber product portfolio, we uniquely situated to fulfill this role.

“Our cyber team provides real-world customized cybersecurity training. The key discriminator to the work we do is our cyber professionals who are innovative, adaptable, and truly partner with our customers. We all have the same mission; stay ahead of threats in an everchanging environment with 21st Century Security solutions,” said Lorshbaugh.

Along with cyber training, Lockheed Martin is bringing new jobs to the beach-front city. With almost 2,000 working employees in South Carolina, Lockheed Martin’s commitment to economic impact and workforce development will continue to drive growth and innovation in the state.

Since 1984, Lockheed Martin has operated and provided jobs to residents of South Carolina. The state’s highly skilled workforce already contributes to Lockheed Martin’s mission, through the F-16® production line in Greenville, South Carolina.

Lockheed Martin is the premier cyber scenario builder and leads in comprehensive cyber systems for our customers. Cyber hardening weapons, outfitting cyber warriors, enabling cyber operations through innovation, and supporting the dissemination of threat intelligence, embodies the corporation’s cyber solutions. By helping the U.S. Military mature its cyberspace operations, Lockheed Martin is helping them get and stay ahead of ready.


For more information on jobs coming to Charleston, visit the Lockheed Martin Cyber Careers page

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The contents of this article should not be interpreted to constitute endorsement by the Army or other DoD agencies.