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Podcast - Inside Skunk Works

75 years ago in Burbank, California, engineer Kelly Johnson devised an operational concept so unique it is still celebrated today. As the birthplace of many revolutionary technologies – from America’s first fighter jet to the classified programs of today – Skunk Works® sets the precedent for how our most critical and difficult problems are solved. This podcast brings to light the dark, classified world of the secret Lockheed Martin organization. First-hand accounts and stories passed down from generation to generation within the walls of Skunks Works are made public for the first time. And yes – we’ll talk about compact fusion!

Where to listen:

Episode 1: Absolute Definition of Power

Episode 2: They Gave Him A Tent

Episode 3: Arrowhead

Episode 4: Hat Trick

Episode 5: Not Today

Episode 6: Crashing Is Success

Episode 7: It Changes Everything

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