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Lockheed Martin’s culture of innovation lies within our talented professionals who are working to engineer a better tomorrow. These leaders are pushing forward innovative ideas, building talented teams, and overseeing projects that will address some of our world’s toughest challenges.

Our experts are often nationally recognized for their experience, vision and role in driving cutting-edge technologies forward, and leading diverse teams and cultures. In some cases, they’re available for interviews and speaking opportunities.

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Portrait of Robert Afzal
Dr. Robert Afzal
Topics: Directed Energy
Dr. Robert Afzal is a Lockheed Martin senior fellow in Laser and Sensor Systems. In this role, he oversees the technical development of lasers and laser applications, and is an architect of the roadmap that will ultimately see the maturity of laser weapons systems.  He is also the principal Investigator on the ALADIN program and is a lead point of contact on infrared countermeasures, directed energy, and active imaging. Request Availability
Portrait of Frank Armijo
Frank Armijo
Topics: Energy
Frank Armijo is vice president of Lockheed Martin Energy. In this capacity, he is responsible for leading all program performance, operations, technology investment, growth strategy and new business capture for the Corporation’s energy portfolio, which includes energy efficiency, energy storage, waste-to-energy, nuclear control systems and tidal-energy technologies. Request Availability
Portrait of Kevin Barry
Kevin Barry
Topics: Autonomy, Electronic Warfare
Kevin Barry is a Senior Engineer at Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Laboratories. He has ten years’ experience designing digital signal processing methods for wireless communication and electronic warfare (EW). Of particular interest is the application of machine learning to communications and EW in order to create more robust systems that operate with more autonomy. This has led to expertise in anti-jam communications, cognitive communications, and cognitive EW. Request Availability
Portrait of Dr. Rick Barto
Dr. Rick Barto
Topics: Advanced Manufacturing, Emerging Technologies
Dr. Rick Barto is Senior Manager Materials Solutions at Lockheed Martin Corporate Digital Transformation Office – Emerging Operations Technologies. He is responsible for technology strategy, plans, and development of digital technologies for materials design, selection, development, manufacturing, and sustainment.  His background and experience include materials and manufacturing information technologies, integrated computational materials engineering, materials and processes engineering, materials forensics, contamination control, light-matter interactions, thermal management materials R&D, composites, polymer science, nanomaterials, and wideband polymer waveguides. Request Availability
Portrait of Chris Benson
Chris Benson
Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Autonomy, Emerging Technologies, AI Ethics, High Performance Computing, Containerized DevSecOps

Chris Benson is Principal Artificial Intelligence Strategist at Lockheed Martin, where he focuses on artificial intelligence & autonomy strategy, AI ethics strategy, high-performance computing strategy (AI supercomputers), containerized DevSecOps strategy, and public relations / communications for various AI topics and events.  Outside of Lockheed Martin, he is Co-Host of the Practical AI podcast, the Organizer of the Atlanta Deep Learning Meetup, and a prolific international keynote speaker.

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Portrait of Robert Boyd
Robert Boyd
Topics: Aircraft, Hybrid Airships
Robert (Bob) Boyd is the program manager of Hybrid Airships for Lockheed Martin Aeronautics’ Advanced Development Programs. He is responsible for leading all Hybrid Airship development and production activities including the LMH-1, 20 metric ton capacity commercial airship. He has a diverse background in the aerospace field with industry, government, and university experience over three decades. His experience includes low and high altitude airships, high speed concepts including missiles, aircraft and space launch systems, in-space architectures such as tethers, advanced unmanned aircraft and heavy transports. Request Availability
Portrait of Thomas (Tom) Carney
Thomas (Tom) Carney
Topics: Business-to-Government Finance, Earned Value
Thomas (Tom) Carney is a vice president in Lockheed Martin’s Aeronautics business responsible for the company’s business operations as well as ensuring compliance with Defense Contractor Management Agency operational and reporting requirements. He has built a trusting relationship with the DCMA and is now involved in shaping the industry approach on Earned Value Management Surveillance with DCMA. Request Availability
Portrait of Timothy Cichan
Timothy Cichan
Topics: Space
Timothy Cichan is the Space Exploration Architect at Lockheed Martin Space. In this role he leads a multi-disciplinary team of engineers who figure out how to affordably, safely and efficiently help astronauts and robots visit the Moon, asteroids, and Mars. Tim was formerly the Orion Spacecraft Systems Architect and is a lead point of contact for human spaceflight mission planning. Request Availability
Portrait of Rita Flaherty
Rita Flaherty
Topics: Business Leadership, Advanced Sensor Systems, Special Operations Support, Logistics and Sustainment
Rita Flaherty is the vice president of Strategy and Business Development for the Sensors & Global Sustainment line of business at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control (MFC). She is responsible for the growth and sustainment of MFC’s electro-optical, infrared and radar targeting and navigation systems on rotary-wing and fixed-wing aircraft, advanced fire-control and situational awareness systems for future platforms, ground systems and passive attack and platform survivability systems.
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Portrait of Steve Frick
Steve Frick
Topics: Space, Space Research
Steve Frick, a former NASA astronaut, is the director of Strategic Planning and Operations at the Lockheed Martin Space Advanced Technology Center. Working in Palo Alto—the heart of Silicon Valley—Steve is an expert and senior leader in space research and development. He leads teams studying: material science, solar storms, space science, new communication advancements, optical instruments, laser radar and nanotechnology. Request Availability
Portrait of Don Kinard
Don Kinard
Topics: Advanced Manufacturing
Don Kinard is a senior technical fellow for Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Production Operations. He established the F-35 Fighter Production System several years ago to manage production transition from the then 1 aircraft per month production rate to a 20 aircraft per month production rate by 2020. He is the lead for the Lockheed Martin Fellow’s Manufacturing Team whose task it is to share lessons learned and manufacturing technologies throughout the corporation. His technical interests include materials and structures, digital thread integration, manufacturing technology, manufacturing system design, and production management. Request Availability
Portrait of Neil King
Neil King
Topics: Maritime Systems
Neil King is the executive capture strategist for the Freedom-variant Littoral Combat Ship and the anticipated U.S. Navy Frigate opportunity. His role is to help the Navy realize its vision for these small, capable surface ships. His responsibilities include strategy development, oversight, and customer engagement for these pursuits Request Availability
Portrait of Paul Lemmo
Paul Lemmo
Topics: Business Leadership, Advanced Sensor Systems, Special Operations Support, Logistics and Sustainment
Paul Lemmo is vice president and general manager of Integrated Warfare Systems and Sensors for Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems. He leads the corporation’s center of excellence for all advanced electro-optical, infrared, and radar targeting and navigation systems on rotary-wing and fixed-wing aircraft, advanced fire control and situational awareness systems for future platforms, ground systems, and passive attack and platform survivability. Request Availability
Portrait of Bruce Litchfield
Bruce Litchfield
Topics: Business Leadership

Bruce Litchfield is the vice president of Sustainment Operations for Lockheed Martin’s Aeronautics business. In this capacity, he is responsible for and leads the execution of the Aeronautics global sustainment business, focused on ensuring readiness for aircraft operated by armed forces around the world. Prior to joining Lockheed Martin, he served 34 years in the U.S. Air Force, retiring with the rank of Lieutenant General. He commanded six U.S. Air Force units at every level from squadron to standing up, and commanding, the Air Force Sustainment Center. He is the architect of an innovative leadership and governance system called Art of the Possible.

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Portrait of Jeanine Matthews
Jeanine Matthews
Topics: Virtual Reality, Training
Jeanine Matthews is the vice president of Strategy and Business Development for the Training and Logistics Solutions (TLS) line of business within Lockheed Martin’s Rotary and Mission Systems business area. Matthews frequently delves into realism in training simulation and its benefits to affordably achieving training requirements. She also speaks on turn-key training programs which are designed to provide an integrated, performance-based training solution delivered as a service. She leads teams who work with domestic and international customers to develop their training sustainment and test requirements, to define approaches for supporting commercial and military platforms, and to secure training and logistics programs. Request Availability
Portrait of Hady Mourad
Hady Mourad
Topics: Guided Weapons (Advanced Programs)
Hady Mourad is director of Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control’s Advanced Programs area within the Tactical & Strike Missiles line of business. In this position he is responsible for pursuits of emerging weapon requirements, development of competitive solutions and transition of mature technologies to TM/CMS product lines. Request Availability
Portrait of Ken Musculus
Ken Musculus
Topics: Guided Weapons (Tactical Missiles)
Ken Musculus is a vice president of Tactical Missiles for Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control’s Air Dominance line of business. With over 38 years of increasing responsibilities managing programs, Ken’s portfolio includes the Air Dominance portfolio which is new to MFC as of 2017. He has successfully managed capture, development, production and sustainment phases of numerous missile, fire control, close-combat, and special programs.
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Portrait of Barry Noakes
Barry Noakes
Topics: Space, Satellites
Barry Noakes is Chief Engineer in Commercial Space and has more than 30 years of experience in satellite design, manufacture and test. He is an expert in spacecraft design and systems engineering. Request Availability
Portrait of Atul Patel
Atul Patel
Topics: Augmented Reality, Training
Atul D. Patel is the director of Advanced Technology and Innovation for the Training and Logistics Solutions (TLS) line of business within Lockheed Martin’s Rotary and Mission Systems business area. He leads the strategic planning and development of training technologies, including simulation and augmented reality. He seeks to integrate new and emerging technologies into the realm of training, and develops technology partnerships with external companies and universities to help drive training innovation. Request Availability
Portrait of Ray Piselli
Ray Piselli
Topics: International Business, Industrial Development, Offsets, Technology Transfer

Ray Piselli is Lockheed Martin’s vice president of international business. Responsible for driving the corporation’s international growth, Ray manages Lockheed Martin’s team of regional and country based executives. He has over 30 years of aerospace and defense experience and has worked extensively across Lockheed Martin’s business to transform the enterprise’s approach to industrial development, economic partnerships and international growth. 

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Portrait of Jeff Rhodes
Jeff Rhodes
Topics: Lockheed Martin History
Jeff Rhodes is the editor of Code One, Lockheed Martin’s online aviation magazine. He was aeronautics editor at Air Force Magazine for nearly six years before joining Lockheed Martin in 1991. Through self-study and spending hours poring through records and photographs, has become one of Lockheed Martin’s recognized subject matter experts on the company’s history and its role in aviation worldwide for the past century. Request Availability
Portrait of Paul Shattuck
Paul Shattuck
Topics: Directed Energy
Paul Shattuck is the director and chief engineer of Directed Energy Systems at Lockheed Martin. Throughout his career, Paul has focused on the development and maturation of beam control technologies for high power laser directed energy systems, including programs like the Airborne Laser, Aero-adaptive Aero-optic Beam Control turret system and Advanced Test High Energy Asset prototype. Request Availability
Portrait of Chris Van Buiten
Chris Van Buiten
Topics: Autonomy, Rotary Wing
Chris Van Buiten is the vice president of Sikorsky Innovations, where he runs the group responsible for maturing next-generation technologies including X2 technology™, active rotor, and autonomy, as well as defining next-generation products. Since joining the company in 1989, Van Buiten has been engaged in the design of Sikorsky products including the S-92® commercial transport, the CH-53K heavy lift helicopter, and the UH-60M BLACK HAWK helicopter, as well as several advanced concepts.  Request Availability
John Varley Portrait
John Varley
Topics: Precision Fires, Long-Range Artillery, Autonomous Ground Vehicles
John Varley is vice president of Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control’s Close Combat line of business. The Close Combat team develops some of the world’s most effective short- and medium-range missile and rocket systems for a multitude of platforms and missions. John’s portfolio includes shoulder-fired anti-tank weapons, close combat missiles and precision guided munitions. Request Availability
Portrait of Deon Viergutz
Deon Viergutz
Topics: Cyber Security, Cyber Solutions, Data Analytics
Deon Viergutz currently serves as the vice president of Cyber Solutions at Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems. Cyber Solutions delivers advanced cyber technology and services for the U.S. government. His focus is on cyber security, information assurance, information technology, signals intelligence, mission management, cloud computing and advanced analytics. Request Availability