Wildfires are growing in size, intensity, and frequency across the globe. These conditions can overwhelm existing response capabilities and pose a significant threat to our lives, property, environment and security.
Bringing advanced capabilities from the frontline to the fireline, Lockheed Martin is applying its 21st Century Security technology to help first responders stay Ahead of Ready. 

By using artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) to rapidly analyze data from space, air, and ground sensors, as well as connect dispersed teams through 5G communications, we are able to apply our joint all domain command and control (JADC2) solutions to provide near real time, actionable intelligence services that can assist first responders in making faster, more informed decisions.

Wildfires can be unpredictable and each is different. Lockheed Martin’s vision is to design a suite of solutions that can help agencies and partners better detect, predict and mitigate wildland fires.

Lightning is a significant cause of wildfires. Our solution can help identify areas with high ignition potential before fires start.
Our solution has proven to reduce the time to map a fire from hours to minutes.  
Using AI-driven technology, first responders can better predict the path of a wildland fire.
Reliable and persistent communications can help enable faster multi-agency responses across land, air and space.
"We have all the tools to address one of the fastest growing climate issues that we face: wildfires. Wildland fires have two detrimental effects to climate: they take out trees that would otherwise absorb carbon dioxide and pollute the air from resulting smoke. I thought about all the things that we do for our 21st Century Security concept, how we network existing platforms and products and systems together to accomplish a mission. The mission here is how can we help predict, detect and suppress wildfires much better than we ever could before with what we have today?"
Jim Taiclet
Lockheed Martin Chairman, President & CEO
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