T-50: Training to Fly, Fight & Win


The T-50 is a proven aircraft program that reduces the learning curve for new pilots and gets them flying operational sorties faster. We are proud to continue to partner with KAI on the T-50 to leverage our collective experiences to train the next generation of pilots to fly, fight and win. We have made significant advances in digital engineering and open architectures that are accelerating development, production, upgrades and responsiveness, enabling affordable solutions to Air Forces around the globe. 


T-50A Mission X

Fast Facts

As the creators and builders of 5th Generation aircraft, we at Lockheed Martin - along with our partners at Korea Aerospace Industries - bring the experience and leadership needed to support the next generation of fighter pilots.

  • The T-50 program was originally developed by KAI in partnership with Lockheed Martin, and took its maiden flight in 2005. Since then, 208 have been produced with an additional 28 on order across a number of aerobatic and combat variants including the T-50A, T-50B, TA-50, and FA-50
  • T-50 components can be shipped to a single location and produced with minimal space with maximum ease. 
  • With the T-50, the mission capable rate is holding strong at 90% across 300,000 flight hours – an outstanding result that demonstrates our focus.
  • The seamless training experience between the T-50 and the F-35 gives student pilots an additional edge and fully prepares them – in less time than in the past – to fly any combat mission in the F-35.

T-50 Sustainment

Sustainment support for the T-50A would include enhanced reliability, diagnostics and technology to minimize unscheduled maintenance; predictive health monitoring, which deploys advanced analytics to forecast maintenance actions and inform supply requirements; high-velocity supply chain, which provides a global view of supply inventories to allow for the proactive movement of parts; and a condition-based approach to maintenance, which improves readiness and fleet availability by optimizing aircraft maintenance planning and execution.

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