Engineering Parts Classification and Management (PCM)

The PCM–Parts database is a compilation of the Engineering requirements for the purchasing of all standard component parts used for Lockheed Martin Programs. The approved manufacturers listed are approved only for the listed source or part number. The sources or manufacturer part numbers are approved only when made by the manufacturer listed on the drawing revision specified. Callout part numbers that do not appear in this list are not approved for use on the program and have no approved sources.

External users requesting PCM parts database tool access need an EXOSTAR account. Log on to the EXOSTAR site to obtain access or additional information. For any issues or questions for getting access, please work with your LM AERO contractual POC. Existing EXOSTAR accounts holders have no further actions and proceed to Part Classification and Management (PCM) – Parts access request instructions below.


Access to PCM-Parts is a two-step procedure.


Copy and paste the list below to an email adding the information requested and send to:
1. Company name and complete address:
2. Requestor’s first and last name:
3. Email address:
4. Telephone number:
5. Cage Code:
6. List specific Program/s you need access (e.g. C-130, C-5, etc):
7. Justification for access (for each program)**:
8. Lockheed Martin Aeronautics buyer:
9. Lockheed Martin Aeronautics supplied Seller Code:
10. User id (same as your Exostar id):
11. Role request (PC21 – designer or PC23 – procurement):

**A justification must be provided for each program for which you are requesting access. Identification of current contract and/or built-to-print assembly number should be included.


An PCM site specific Proprietary Information Agreement (PIA) is required for access approval. Each individual requesting access to the PCM-Parts site must complete and sign this PIA. Please work with your LM AERO contractual POC to complete program specific PIAs. Email the complete PIAs to For questions contact the Systems Administrator