Suppliers Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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doing business
Looking to do business with Lockheed Martin? Find the answers to some of the common questions asked when getting started.
Accounts Payable
Lockheed Martin is committed to timely payments of their subcontracts. If you need additional assistance with the payment process, please contact the buyer for your purchase order, or contact the LMP2P Helpdesk at 863-647-0558 for an alternative buyer.
The inclusion of sub-standard and unreliable parts in a Lockheed Martin product presents a serious threat to our goal of producing mission critical hardware our customers rely on. One cause of sub-standard and unreliable parts is counterfeit components.

DCI Invoicing
Lockheed Martin Corporation has moved to an electronic invoicing system to facilitate more accurate invoices and more timely payment to suppliers. This will replace all paper invoices, and no paper invoices will be accepted. Training is available to learn how to use the new tool. Suppliers can check the status of their invoices and payments.
The Vendor Invoice Processing (VIP) system is one of the applications that utilizes Exostar and the LMP2P portal. VIP is an electronic invoicing system used by nearly all business areas of Lockheed Martin. It provides domestic and international Lockheed Martin labor subcontractors and contractors with a unique invoicing tool.