Marketing to Lockheed Martin

1. Do your homework to determine target focus area

Lockheed Martin is a large corporation made up of multiple business areas and supports thousands of programs. In order to get routed to and/or connected with the appropriate decision maker(s), we need your help to identify the area of target. This may be a business area, program, proposal partnership or technical need. Here are a few resources to help you identify the best fit for your company:

After doing your homework and finding an area of a potential match, let us know. Provide the specific information of focus areas of target.

It is also important to differentiate yourself from your competitors by being able to articulate what sets you apart other than quality. Do not rely on your socio-economic category to be your discriminator.

2. Complete the Supplier Marketing Portal Profile

This is Lockheed Martin’s primary database for searching for suppliers when there is a procurement opportunity.

  • Make sure your information is accurate and complete
  • Include all NAICS codes
  • Include self-certified size according to the Small Business Association's size standard
  • Be sure to include your quality certifications and clearances
  • Update your profile regularly if there are changes

3. Meet Influencers

Lockheed Martin Small Business professionals and other procurement specialists attend many outreach events throughout the year. These representatives can serve as your advocate and mentor for marketing your company to internal programs that may require your company capabilities.

4. Bring Partnership Opportunities to Us

If you are pursuing a proposal pursuit or have a small business set-aside where you are seeking a partner, please notify us.

5. Technology, Research & Development (R&D) Focused Firms Only:

Subscribe to the Lockheed Martin Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR) directory

Click HERE to self-register your company - tell us about your strengths and capabilities. We will add your company to our Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) distribution list to receive information on latest solicitation topics of interest. The purpose of this listing is to help connect small business companies with the appropriate Lockheed Martin technical point of contact to explore opportunities for partnership and innovation.

SBIR webpage