Littleton, CO

Autonomous Systems in Littleton, Colorado, has over three decades of experience in research and application of independent decision-making capabilities on robotic vehicles and systems. Employees focus on three core competencies perception, planning and control to create robust and dependable products across its platforms.

The Autonomous Systems team has three key business areas:

Unmanned Airborne Systems — demonstrated ability in air systems, particularly in rotorcraft technologies. Capabilities include:

  • Collaborative Operations
  • Tactical Autonomy
  • Intelligent Reconnaissance
  • Multiple Platform Operation by Single Operator
  • High Level Task Planning
  • Tracking Multiple Targets
  • Continued Operations in GPS-Denied Access Environments

Unmanned Ground Systems — proven excellence in ground vehicles and the intelligent systems that manage them. Features include:

  • Obstacle Detection and Avoidance
  • Feature Classification
  • Vehicle Detection and Tracking
  • Automated Convoy Operations
  • Pedestrian Detection and Tracking
  • Ability to Operate on Various Terrains
  • Route & Path Planning
  • Cooperating in Collaborative Operations

Surveillance & Security — leading innovative development in unsupervised surveillance and tracking. Capabilities include:

  • Behavior Analysis
  • Motion Clutter Analysis & Rejection
  • Threat Classification
  • Multiple Sensor Input
  • Multi-cue Detection
  • Adaptive Tracking
  • Feature Classification
  • Collaborative Tracking & Handoff


Site Lead
Timothy Schulteis
General Manager/Site Lead
(303) 200-5147

New Business Opportunities
Karl Clauser

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Environmental, Safety and Health

The Environmental, Safety and Health (ESH) Policy of Missiles and Fire Control is to operate our facilities in a regulatory compliant, responsible manner that protects the environment and surrounding communities, commits to pollution prevention and prevention of occupational injury and ill health, conserves natural resources, and provides a safe and healthful workplace for employees, contractors and visitors. The policy requires employees to:

  • Integrate ESH considerations into strategic business decisions, engineering design, procurement, facilities management and production.

  • Continually improve the environmental aspects and safety and health performance of our business and incorporate establish and review ESH goals in applicable performance measurements.

  • Cultivate ESH responsibility by all employees at all organizational levels and those who work on behalf of and under the control of the company.


8000 Southpark Way, Bldg 2
Littleton, CO 80120