ISR & Unmanned Systems

Defining the Future

The unique and proven Skunk Works® approach has enabled the impossible to become reality, including the design of revolutionary ISR and UAS systems and associated enabling technologies.

Persistent intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems – manned and unmanned – have been the hallmark of Lockheed Martin Skunk Works for more than six decades.

With much of this work completed in secrecy, the innovative Skunk Works team makes it their mission to anticipate future needs and imagine solutions that provide lifesaving intelligence for our warfighters and allies.

Committed to Your Mission Success

As a leader in fifth generation technology development, we embrace open mission systems to integrate state of the art fighter technology and new capabilities quickly and affordably, enabling a networked battlespace. We see the human-machine team as a powerful force multiplier for effective operations in contested environments.

Advancing next generation technologies to outpace ever-evolving threats and meet the challenges of tomorrow while transforming the future battlespace today is our purpose.

Future Unmanned Aerial Systems

Leveraging decades of expertise in low observable technology including the RQ-170, Skunk Works® has developed a survivable, interoperable next generation unmanned aerial system concepts to support future battlespace operations. 

Future Battlespace Operations

We are committed to developing interoperable ISR & UAS systems that quickly connect critical data across resilient networks to predict, disrupt and paralyze our adversaries.

Manned-Unmanned Teaming

As we look to the future, the concept of teaming manned aircraft with unmanned aerial systems creates a powerful, unified force that expands capabilities for our forces and allies.

Artificial Intelligence 

We continue to advance trusted artificial intelligence solutions to speed decisions in the battlespace, allowing pilots to focus on more strategic tasks in the face of an increasingly contested environment.

Classified Work

Classified work executed in secrecy protects national security and ensures our armed forces maintain an edge over any threat.

U-2S Dragon Lady

The U-2S is transforming the future battlespace today by proving emerging technologies and helping to envision a new way to fight.


A silent, operational, combat-proven Group 2 UAS, Stalker provides long-endurance imaging capability in all weather conditions to track targets while remaining undetected.


Designed and built to reduce risk for future unmanned systems, the X-44 technology demonstrator expanded Skunk Works® UAS expertise that continues today.

MQM-105 Aquila

Launched by catapult and recovered in a net, the unmanned MQM-105 Aquila was designed for artillery targeting. 


A high-altitude unmanned aircraft demonstrator, Polecat exhibits Skunk Works’ convictions for decreasing development time and costs.

RQ-3 DarkStar

Designed to provide continuous wide area surveillance, the stealthy RQ-3 DarkStar informed and improved future UAS work.


The ramjet-powered, high-altitude D-21 reconnaissance drone launched from an A-12 aircraft to capture images of hostile territory, paving the way for future ISR unmanned systems.  


The unique Skunk Works® approach enabled this game-changing ISR aircraft to come to life in only 20 months. Today, the SR-71 remains the fastest and highest-flying manned aircraft. 

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At Lockheed Martin Skunk Works®, your mission defines our purpose. Our team of dedicated engineers and scientists assume it can be done. With a visionary focus on the future, we partner with our customers to anticipate tomorrow’s capability gaps and technology needs to solve the most critical national security challenges today.

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