M270A2 and HIMARS Launchers Offer Mobility With Flexibility

M270A2 and HIMARS Launchers Offer Mobility With Flexibility
May 03, 2022

Commanders need flexibility and mobility to be able to respond to threats at a rapid pace.

The M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) and High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) launchers are mobile, survivable and highly effective with an outstanding track-record of combat proven reliability.

Ongoing modernization efforts to both MLRS launchers will ensure capability and support for the U.S. Army and partners nations through 2050.

Recently, the U.S. Army awarded more than $400 million in production contracts for both M270 and HIMARS launchers. Read more below on how these Joint All-Domain Operations (JADO) enabling systems are supporting the Army, U.S. Marines and partner nations.

A History of MLRS Success

First introduced during Operation Desert Storm, the M270 launcher has decades of combat-proven reliability protecting service members and is now modernized with upgrades that will provide interoperability with partner nations and fire the next-generation munitions like the Precision Strike Missile (PrSM) and Extended-Range Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System (ER GMLRS).

Lockheed Martin’s High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) offers the same MLRS firepower and mobility on a wheeled chassis that provides enhanced transportability using C-130 aircraft. With more than 2 million operating hours and 550 launchers in the field serving soldiers, marines and partner nations, HIMARS has earned its reputation for outstanding combat reliability. Firing the same suite of MLRS munitions as the M270, it can reach ranges from 15 to 400+ kilometers.

Known for their shoot and scoot capability, both launchers require minimal personnel to conduct operations. They can emplace, fire, relocate and conduct reload operations in a matter of minutes – dramatically reducing the adversary’s ability to locate the launcher.

HIMARS and M270 can integrate into the joint architecture that commanders need on the battlefield now and in the future.

See how these MLRS systems are key to JADO.

Combat Proven

  • HIMARS and M270 are highly reliable, combat-proven and have exceeded performance requirements.

Mobile and Survivable

  • Lockheed Martin’s MLRS solutions, HIMARS and M270, employ shoot-and-scoot capability, which enhance crew and platform survivability in high-threat environments.


  • HIMARS can be transported using C-130 and M270 can be transported by a C5 or larger aircraft, providing flexible and less predictable employment options.
  • HIMARS can also be transported by maritime vessels and connectors.

Precision Fires Capability

  • Both launcher systems deliver affordable, quick, long-range precision strikes with proven range up to 400+ km
  • M270 and HIMARS provide time critical targeting and will fire next-generation munitions to include Extended-Range GMLRS and PrSM


  • M270 and HIMARS are in service, providing interoperability, with more than 20 nations including Greece, United Kingdom, United States, South Korea, Italy, Germany, Romania, Poland and France
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