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Welcome to the Lockheed Martin Space Makers Podcast

Going to space is just the beginning. It’s what you do when you get there that matters most. 
We’ll take you out of this world to get an inside look into how we are pioneering a bold new vision of space. Join us on this journey of adventure and discovery as our experts explore the future of space and how the technological advancements of today are helping humans “untether” from Earth, establishing interconnected communications, defending our allies and sustaining Earth for future generations.

Artemis I Coverage

Orion and the Moon

Special Episode | Orion: 3, 2, 1, Lift Off!

Launching in the path of Apollo, the Orion spacecraft is taking humankind beyond the frontiers of the first space age, to pioneer a new path to a space-based future.

Artemis 1 on launch pad

Special Episodes | On-Location Artemis I Launch Coverage

Lockheed Martin Space Makers takes you behind-the-scenes of the Orion spacecraft and NASA's Artemis I mission.

Season Two: Space 2050

Earth Monitoring Command Center

Episode 7 | Help Earth: Spearheading Space Sustainability

Can creating a new space economy also “Help Earth?” Learn how Lockheed Martin is developing unique space-based technologies that will help address some of Earth’s toughest sustainability challenges.

Futuristic Moon Base

Episode 8 | Untethering from Earth: Moving from Space Exploration to Space Development

Could people soon live and thrive on other planets and Moons? In this episode, learn how Lockheed Martin is helping humanity obtain a level of independence from Earth.

Future Moon Habitat

Episode 9 | Bringing Earth Along: Moving to Space Development While Staying Connected

How will space-based humans “Bring Earth Along” when they become an off-planet species? Here’s an inside look how an Earth and space-based future will unlock new technologies and opportunities.

Future robotic on-orbit servicing

Episode 10 | We Mean Business: Pioneering the New Space Economy, Part I

The future of space means big business. Moon and Mars-based economies will include everything from trade routes to human habitats to new lunar rovers and, yes, eventually poets, artists, and even pets. But what does that really look like?

Future space station

Episode 11 | We Mean Business: Pioneering the New Space Economy, Part II

From self-repairing rovers on the Moon and Mars to a communications satellite on the dark side of the Moon, soon, space will connect humans like never before. It’s all a part of bringing big business to space.

Future Smart City

Episode 12 | Space on Main Street: How Innovation Transforms

From high-speed lunar trains to new ways to play baseball, the future of space will also change Main Street right here on Earth. Think 3D printed foods, new medical technologies, self-driving vehicles and more.

Future Smart City

Episode 13 | Making Smart Cities Smarter: How Innovation Transforms

Smart cities powered by space tech will make them smarter – allowing for real-time connectivity in a way that we can only imagine and creating living environments customized to every individual's needs.

Future space communications

Episode 14 | Intelligent Life: Transforming Space through Communications and Data Analytics

From distant outposts on Mars, to colonies on the Moon, to smart cities here on Earth, space-based artificial intelligence (AI) will transform how humans work and engage with one-another.

Future remote sensing

Episode 15 | Connected, Protected: Mastering the New Battlespace

Keeping space secure for all humankind depends on connection as well as vision and cooperation. How are we prepared to meet this critical challenge?

Episode 16 | 21st Century Security: Ensuring Protection and Prosperity

As humankind pioneers a future "off Earth" how are we approaching the challenges – and the exciting new possibilities of this new space age – to ensure protection and prosperity for all? Listen in to find out more.

Future Space Security Technology

Season One: Go For Launch

Better, Faster, Cheaper

Episode 1 | Build It: Faster, Better, Cheaper

Deep space exploration can be a high-stakes venture and any failures can be costly, setting you back years. In an era of significant budget cuts, learn how NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and Lockheed Martin innovations made spacecraft faster, better, and cheaper and changed the future of building spacecraft for deep space exploration. 


Episode 2 | A Match Made in Space: OSIRIS-REx and Bennu, Part I

In this episode, we look at a match made in space between an asteroid named Bennu and a cutting-edge spacecraft named OSIRIS-REx. Launched in 2016,  get a special look at what scientists could learn from Bennu’s samples that OSIRIS-REx is bringing back to Earth.


Episode 3 | A Match Made in Space: OSIRIS-REx and Bennu, Part II

We continue our inside look at the incredible mission to collect a sample from an asteroid that is sailing through space 200 million miles away. In part two, we travel through space toward the asteroid Bennu and hopefully, by the end of the show, we'll have a sample.


Episode 4 | Lucy: In the Sky with Asteroids

We're bringing you a story about a groundbreaking mission named Lucy, launched  in October of 2021. This mission will visit and study seven Trojan asteroids, which are some of the oldest objects in our solar system. We take you behind the scenes with the engineers and scientists to learn how they have broken this new ground.

Space Travel

Episode 5 | Interstellar: Deep Space Travel

The life-sustaining jewel of the Artemis program, Orion, is the only spacecraft rated for human deep space flight. Get a behind-the-scenes peek into the engineering of the spacecraft that will take the first woman and next man to the Moon. We'll also explore what deep space travel might look like for humans in the future.


Episode 6 | Stranger Things: The Case of the Spitting Asteroid

Space is a fascinating and mysterious place that often redefines science as we know it. And this couldn’t be more true than with the asteroid Bennu. As the spacecraft OSIRIS-REx got close to this ancient interstellar object, they started noticing something strange happening. Hear why scientists think this peculiar event is happening and what we learned.

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