Lockheed Martin Ventures and Strategic Investments

Lockheed Martin Ventures makes strategic investments in companies that are developing cutting edge technologies in core businesses and new markets important to Lockheed Martin.

More than a source of capital, Lockheed Martin Ventures provides portfolio companies with access to our world-class engineering talent, state-of-the-art technologies, and research and access to the company’s international business relationships and supply chain.

Lockheed Martin Ventures Focus Areas

  •     Artificial Intelligence
  •     Autonomy & Robotics
  •     Cybersecurity
  •     Human Potential
  •     Materials & Manufacturing
  •     NextGen Electronics
  •     Power & Propulsion
  •     Quantum Technologies
  •     Sensor Technologies
  •     Signals & Communication Tech
  •     Space Technologies
  •     Synthetic Biology

Lockheed Martin Ventures Portfolio Companies

Lockheed Martin Ventures Portfolio Companies
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Agile raises $13 million to expand production
Jun 26, 2023
Third Party Article
Agile Space Industries announced the spaceflight qualification in April of the company's first product, the A110 thruster. Agile is building dozens of A110 flight units for customers preparing to send spacecraft to the Moon.
Lockheed, Raytheon invest $12.5M in 3D printing firm Fortify
Jun 06, 2023
Third Party Article
The company, just 55 employees strong, boasts a unique approach to additive manufacturing of lightweight, versatile composites well-suited to aerospace applications from fighter aircraft and drones to hypersonics.
LM Ventures Is Dabbling in Island-Hopping Seagliders
Apr 07, 2023
Third Party Article
LM Ventures recently put money into a Rhode Island-based startup which aims to sell a sea-skimming wing-in-ground-effect craft called “seaglider”.