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The threats to military and civilian assets are accelerating in volume, diversity, and ferocity every day. In this frenetic environment, the U.S. military and its allies need radar systems that can protect various mission types and adapt to an ever-changing landscape.

Lockheed Martin has been anticipating this new dynamic for 50 years. We've built a world-class portfolio of software-based radar systems that are durable, upgradeable, reliable, and designed to thrive in the digital age.

We've got you covered.

What does the factory of the future look like?

We’re creating platforms that help warfighters stay ahead of enemy threats. Read how our network of manufacturing facilities use the power of automation, the Internet of Things, augmented reality and agile technologies to build sensors that track and neutralize threats that haven’t even been imagined yet.

“We’re embracing digital transformation at every level, from model-based designs, to smart workbenches, to robotic production lines running 24 hours a day. Fully digital is the design environment of the future.”

– Steven Keat, Director of Radar and Combat System Production

Radar Missions by Range

Lockheed Martin Radars Across the Globe

With broad and deep experience developing and delivering ground-based, naval and aerial radar solutions to our customers, our high-performing, high-reliability, radar systems specialize in counter target acquisition, early warning, situational awareness, and integrated air and missile defense.

Our radars are designed with the highest degree of commonality and fully integrated systems. They can operate in all environments, are available in highly mobile configurations, and are deployed worldwide. It’s why Lockheed Martin radars are the choice of more than 45 nations on six continents.

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