Code Quest 2016

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Lockheed Martin has launched Code Quest® Academy, a free computer coding and career exposure program for high school students. This unique program helps students of all skill levels grow their coding knowledge through interactive problems and inspires students to pursue technology careers through mentorship from real-life Lockheed Martin professionals.

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The judging system will work as follows:

  • Points will determine the winning team.
  • The first tie breaker will be the difficulty of problems solved, which will be measured by number of problems worked.  The team that works the fewest problems to arrive at their point total would win (meaning that they solved more difficult problems to get their points).
  • The second tie breaker will be number of incorrect solutions.  The team with the least number of incorrect solutions submitted will win.
  •  The third tie breaker will be time.  The team that submitted their last correct solution the soonest will win.

National Winners


Site School Name
Team Name Points
Fort Worth Jasper HS Jasper Jaugars 290
Orlando Bishop Moore Catholic High School Hornets #1 270
Fort Worth R.L. Paschal HS El Mayo 225
Fort Worth Plano West Seior HS Plano West Novice 160
Fort Worth Richardson High School These Freshman (and Syed) 160
Orlando Timber Creek High School Silver wolves 140

Site Winners



1st – Colorado Academy, “Java Mustangs” — 165 Points

2nd – Pine Creek High School, “The Garbage Collectors” — 145 Points

3rd – Lakewood High School, “Henry's Elephants” — 130 Points


1st – Eaglecrest High School, “Sheffer & Chidambaram” — 35 Points

2nd – Fairview High School, “Triple S” — 20 Points

3rd – Cherokee Trail High School, “Java the Hutt” — 15 Points

Fort Worth


1st – Jasper High School, “Jasper Jaguars“ — 290 Points

2nd – R.L. Paschal High School, “El Mayo” — 225 Points

3rd – North Central Texas Academy, “The Giants” — 210 Points


1st – Plano West Senior High School, “Plano West Novice” — 160 Points

2nd – Richardson High School, “These Freshman (and Syed)” — 160 Points

3rd – Clements High School, “Clements Rangers 2” — 135 Points



1st – Walton High School, “WASP (Advanced)” — 165 Points

2nd – Alpharetta High School, “Alpha Javaers” — 120 Points

3rd – Farragut High School, “FHS Varsity” — 120 Points


1st – Houston High School, “Ursa Minor” — 65 Points

2nd – Wheeler High School, “Wildcats” — 60 Points

3rd – Marist School, “Marist – Gold” — 45 Points



1st – Henderson High School, “Code Warriors” — 75 Points

2nd – The Pingry School, “TeamPingry” — 55 Points

3rd – High Technology High School, “eQuine” — 55 Points


1st – Roslyn High School, “Team Roslyn” — 45 Points

2nd – The Pennington School, “Applied Sciences Academy of Pennington” — 25 Points

3rd – Haddonfield High School, “Team Haddonfield” — 25 Points



1st – Bishop Moore Catholic High School, “Hornets#1” — 270 Points

2nd – Cypress Bay High School, “Lightning” — 190 Points

3rd – Timber Creek High School, “Purple Wolves” — 140 Points


1st - Timber Creek High School, “Silver Wolves” — 140 Points

2nd – Cypress Bay High School, “Cypress Bay Storm” — 80 Points

3rd – University High School, “UHS Programming Team” — 70 Points



1st – Milford High School and Applied Technology Center, “MHS” — 115 Points

2nd – Ithaca High School, “Ithaca Red” — 95 Points

3rd – Vestal High School, “The IB Jareds” — 65 Points


1st – Vestal High School, “The Forgotten Semicolon” — 90 Points

2nd – John Bapst Memorial High School, “John Bapst 2” — 75 Points

3rd - Ithaca High School, “Ithaca Gold” — 70 Points



1st – Troy High School, “Troy Warriors” — 90 Points

2nd – Canyon High School, “Goose” — 45 Points


1st – Harvard-Westlake High School, “HW Wolverines” — 45 Points

2nd – Mira Costa High School, “HAC-ers” — 35 Points

3rd – Valencia High School, “Valencia” — 35 Points



1st – Carlmont High School, “Sammy Zhang” — 140 Points

2nd – St. Francis High School, “rm -rf /” — 135 Points

3rd – Leland High School, “Leland //No Comment” — 120 Points


1st - Mission San Jose High School, “Byte Me” — 95 Points

2nd – Monta Vista High School, “Master Minds” — 80 Points

3rd – Santa Teresa High School, “ST6” — 75 Points

Washington Metro (Bethesda)


1st - Thomas S. Wootton High School, “Wootton Patriots” — 165 Points

2nd - Governor's School at Innovation Park, “Java the Hut” — 145 Points

3rd – South lakes High School, “Cup of Java 2” — 120 Points


1st - Thomas S. Wootton High School, Wootton Patriots Beta — 55 Points

2nd - Thomas S. Wootton High School, “Wootton Patriots Delta” — 30 Points

3rd – Chantilly High School, “ChantillyCoders” — 15 Points

Code Quest 2023

Code Quest will take place virtually and on-site on Saturday, April 22, 2023.

Code Quest APAC will take place on April 29, 2023.

2023 locations:

Aguadilla, PR
Ampthill, UK
Australia/Singapore/New Zealand (Combined APAC Virtual Event)
Bethesda, MD 
Dallas, TX 
Denver, CO
Fort Worth, TX 
Hanover, MD 
Havant, UK 
Huntsville, AL
King of Prussia, PA
Marietta, GA
Mielec, PL 
Moorestown, NJ
Orlando, FL
Owego, NY
Stratford, CT
Sunnyvale, CA
US (Virtual. Event)

Contact Code Quest:
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please email Code Quest at