Code Quest - U.S. Virtual

U.S. Virtual

Lockheed Martin will host a virtual U.S. Code Quest® competition via Zoom.

This event is open to schools located in the United States Only.

Register Here for Code Quest

Registration is first come, first serve and spaces are limited. 



  • Lockheed Martin Code Quest is open to students in public, charter, or private, high schools, or of equivalent age/grade (for home schooled students).

  • Each team consists of 2- 3 students plus one coach.

  • Students on the same team must be from the same school. (Exemption for home schools and case by case requests.)

  • In-person and virtual competition options available

  • Waitlist will be available in 2024.

    • Additional teams can be registered, and will be waitlisted. 

    • Waitlisted registration will open on January 8, 2024 if capacity is available at the event.

  • A team should be affiliated with and represent the High School under which they are registering.

  • STEM programs are eligible to register a team

    • A STEM program offers an interdisciplinary curriculum emphasizing the practical application of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. 

    • The STEM Program should be a recognized organization/club within the community and high school(s). 

    • STEM programs are eligible to register a team with students from different schools if the students’ school cannot form a team.



  • A coach can be a teacher. A parent can be a coach if the teacher is unable to attend. Coaches will serve as chaperones at the event and participate in activities during the competition.

  • Only one coach per team is allowed. Some restriction may apply. If a school has more than one team participating, one coach for multiple teams is acceptable, however, coaches that are associated with on-site teams can't work with the virtual teams


  • Family members cannot be accommodated.


Virtual competition: each team can have one laptop computer per team member. 

Coaches Honor Code for Virtual Events

We would like to remind coaches that during the competition they should not confer with students to offer problem solving guidance or support. For those teams who will be competing physically together, we ask coaches and teachers to replicate the independent and fair competition environment we would have if the event were being held on site by leaving the competition space if possible. If not possible, we ask teachers to make a commitment to refrain from providing any support or guidance to teams during the competition. All coaches are invited to participate in a virtually hosted Coaches’ Corner while the students are competing.

Additional rules, modifications, and information will be made available on the day of the event.

For a complete list of eligibility requirements see the Official Rules.

For clarifications or questions please contact